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Welcome to Orange County Facial Studio

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Karlee Harris, owner of 9|18 Skin & Body Studio, is a CA Licensed Esthetician Specializing in Improving the Overall Health and Appearance of Skin since 2008. 

Karlee’s own temperamental skin issues and genuine interest in both Skin & Body functions, as well as products, drove her to become a Skin Care Professional. Her Objective in her field is to Improve the Overall Health of the Skin to achieve Desired Results of Improving Tone & Texture; Decreasing Signs of Aging; Successfully Treating & Clearing Adult & Teen Acne; Eliminating Sun/Age Spots & Dark Post-Acne Scars, ultimately bringing Skin to its Proper PH Balance and Renewing Skin to its Natural Healthy Glowing State.


All facial options include thorough consultation and skin analysis, including review of current product use and suggested additions to your home care & facial routine, for maximizing achievement of desired results. 

All facial treatments include skin softening, follicle opening steam, infused with calming essential oil that will relax & soothe the mind and senses.


Karlee Harris


Call or Text to Book


Wed-Sat 10am-9pm

Located inside Phenix Salon Suites:

23600 Rockfield Blvd. 

Suite #121

Lake Forest, CA 92630

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