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Skin Care Services : 9|18 Skin & Body Studio
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All facial options include thorough consultation and skin analysis, including review of current product use and suggested additions to your home care & facial routine, for maximizing achievement of desired results. 

All facial treatments include skin softening, follicle opening steam, infused with calming essential oil that will relax & soothe the mind and senses.



Customized according to your most obvious skin health need. This treatment includes a Deep Sonic cleanse to vibrate the dirt & oils up out of the pores to the surface; manual exfoliation to lift dead, dull cells off & away; extractions; appropriate masque and moisturizer to specifically suit your skin type. 

A much smoother and more vibrant & youthful complexion will emerge with your 1st treatment. 

Recommended for all skin types. 

Extra charge for excessive extractions. 

RECOMMENDED UPGRADE: Green Tea Eye Treatment with eye serum & cream.



Pumpkin Enzyme & Glycolic exfoliation is done after a double cleansing, including exceptional Deep Sonic Cleanse, followed by extractions; replenishing moisture masque; detoxifying Green Tea Eye Treatment; Ayurvedic Face Massage to purify the skin, promoting removal of built up lymph & toxins, stimulation of circulation & collagen production and strengthening of elasticity, followed by hydrating serum & gel, eye cream and moisturizer. 

Neck/shoulder massage with rich Milk & Honey Body Butter relaxes muscles and nourishes the skin as your face is marinating in masque treatment. 

Recommended for all skin types, including acneic. 

Leaves skin more smooth & nourished, hydrated & moisturized with a healthy, radiant glow and diminished fine lines. 

No downtime with this peel. 

Extra charge for excessive extractions. 

RECOMMENDED UPGRADE: 24karat Gold Eye Treatment with Eye Serum & Cream. 



Specifically designed for men of all skin types, this facial is customized to address dry skin caused by shaving and to smooth & replenish dry or weathered skin caused by the elements of wind, sun, ocean and typically a very modest skin care routine. This treatment incorporates products and ingredients that are in line with men’s PH. Begins with Deep Sonic cleanse followed by gentle pineapple/papaya enzyme exfoliation, extractions to free up clogged pores, customized masque to address specific skin needs and serum & moisturizer to replenish the skin’s hydration & natural oils. You’ll enjoy the purifying, stress reducing Ayurvedic Face Massage & a relaxing neck/shoulder massage. 

Recommended for Men of all skin types. 

Skin will be left reinvigorated, smooth, hydrated & moisturized. 

RECOMMENDED UPGRADE: Pumpkin Peel Enzyme Exfoliation.



A customized treatment with Deep Sonic cleanse; Intensive Brightening peel, layered hydrating masque & rejuvenating moisture masque followed by replenishing serums & moisturizers. Detoxifying & Hydrating Green Tea Eye Treatment is included with hydrating eye serum & moisture chream. 

Recommended for mature or dull, asphixiated complexions to wake the skin up and encourage quicker cell turnover. 

Skin will be left more smooth, radiant, hydrated & moisturized, with reduced appearance of fine lines. 

No downtime with this peel. 

RECOMMENDED UPGRADE: Active Plant Stem Cell Serum Ampoules Treatment.



This treatment is designed to deeply hydrate & plump the skin by lifting away dull, lifeless cells with Deep Sonic cleanse & enzyme exfoliation and infusing skin with optimal hydrating masque, serum layering and replenishing treatment gels & creams. Skin is left more plump & dewy with diminished fine lines. 

Recommended for dehydrated skin. 

RECOMMENDED UPGRADE: Ultrasound Treatment with Hydrating Serum Ampoules. 



Designed for the acneic client, adult or teen, who suffers from recurring breakouts or excessive acne. Fully customized with gentle, Deep Sonic cleanse; light exfoliation; dissolving of sebum trapped in pores; deep extractions, oil controlling & detoxifying seaweed masque; spot treatment and oil controlling serums, hydrators and balancing & clarifying moisturizer. 

Leaves skin detoxed, decongested and in a healthy, more balanced state for promoting optimal flow of oils and oxygenation of follicles to kill acne causing bacteria. 

Recommended for acneic teens or adults with mild or severe breakouts or acne. 

RECOMMENDED UPGRADE: Salicylic Acid Light Peel.



This facial is designed to infuse skin with Plant Stem Cells to boost collagen and stimulate better cell turnover, leading to more youthful skin cells at the surface of the skin. Plant Stem Cells assist in combating premature skin aging with strong antioxidant & anti-inflammatory effect, helping to protect against sun damage & wrinkles by promoting repair of DNA Oxidative Damage. Stem Cells divide and produce more Stem Cells and have the ability to self renew and self regenerate. Along with Stem Cell infusion this exceptional treatment Includes Deep Sonic cleanse; enzyme exfoliation; extractions; collagen masque; hydration; antioxidant Green Tea Eye Treatment and layered moisture. Complexion will be left more smooth, supple, firm, plump and bright. 

Recommended for mature, dull, weathered looking skin. 

RECOMMENDED UPGRADE: Ultrasound or L.E.D. Phototherapy Treatment



This treatment incorporates use of all Organic products and includes Deep Sonic cleanse; Pineapple/Papaya enzyme exfoliation; extractions; Collagen/Beta Carotene or seaweed masque; antioxidant Green Tea Eye Treatment; replenishing or oil controlling serum and proper Organic moisturizer. Relaxing neck/shoulder massage with rich Herbal Body Butter is included. Skin will be left smooth, hydrated, moisturized and much more alive & radiant.

Recommended for all Skin Types. 

RECOMMENDED UPGRADE: Ayurvedic Copper Face Massage infused with Plant Stem Cell Ampoules. 



A back facial is something everyone should invest in at least a couple times per year to deeply cleanse and replenish the thicker skin of the back. This treatment includes Dry Brushing to remove toxins, a Deep Sonic body cleanse of the back, shoulders and upper arms to vibrate trapped dirt & oils up & out of the pores; Dead Sea Salt exfoliation to remove “glued on”, built up dead skin cells and remove toxins; minimal extractions; Dead Sea Body Mud masque to further remove toxins & impurities and a manual back treatment with rich Milk & Honey Body Butter to relieve tired or sore muscles and replenish the skin with deep moisture without leaving oily or greasy residue. 

Recommended for Men, Women and Teens with or without “bacne” who desire a thorough, deep cleanse and replenishment of the much neglected skin of the back. 

Extra Charge for Excessive Extractions.


Intensive Brightening Peel


There is no downtime with this light peel that optimizes the thorough lifting away of dead glued-on cells that can cause dull complexion, pore congestion leading to blackheads, dry skin due to lack of proper oil flow, recurring breakouts, and decreased cellular turnover. Skin is left much more smooth, vibrant, and radiant. Excellent add-on treatment for aged skin or for chronic break out or acne issues.  

Medium/Deep Triple Action Peel

$150 or 2 for $275

This peel causes approximately 1 week of downtime with heavy peeling. It’s excellent for exceptional skin smoothing, speeding the turnover of cells, evening out skin tone and fading sun spots/hyperpigmentation.    

L.E.D. Phototherapy Treatment


A 30min treatment using various choices of light color, each with individual benefit ranging from hydrating skin, killing acne-causing bacteria, promoting collagen production, calming redness, etc. 

Ultrasound Treatment


An outstanding treatment for anti-aging benefit to stimulate collagen, strengthen elasticity, and push chosen serum deep down to the deepest layers of the skin for optimal penetration and benefits of serum. 

Ayurvedic Copper Face Massage


Purifying copper treatment that creates natural energy to purify the skin by removing lymph & toxins, stimulating production of collagen & increasing elasticity of skin to promote more firm & youthful complexion and working stress out of tense facial muscles. 

Neck/Shoulder Massage


Rich Body Butter or relaxing Essential Oils are worked into the neck, shoulders, chest, arms and hands with this heavenly, 25 minute add-on treatment.

Ampoules Serum Treatment


This is a live, active serum that is layered and pushed deep into the skin. Options include Plant Stem Cells, Hyaluronic Acid, Balancing or Calming ampoules.

Heated Vitamin C & E Treatment with Ayurvedic Face Massage


Rich, non-greasy Vitamin Serum is heated and worked deep into the skin with natural energy copper face massage to promote age-defying benefit and infusion of nutrients. It leaves muscles stress free and skin firmer with a silky, velvety texture.

Green Tea Eye Treatment


Purifying antioxidant benefit to neutralize damaging free radicals that destroy healthy cells with green tea eye masque serum to reduce puffiness and cream to replenish moisture. 

24-karat Gold Eye Treatment


Eye pads are placed under the eyes to infuse 24-karat gold into the skin to reduce depletion of collagen, reduce puffiness, and leave eye area much smoother and youthful-looking. Eye serum and cream are applied with a soft brush following the absorption of the gold.

Ultrasound Eye Treatment


A 10min treatment that reduces puffiness & dark circles to the under-eye, upper brow bone area, and crows-feet prone sides of eyes by pushing hydrating serum deep into the delicate skin around the entire eye area. Ultrasound promotes deep penetration of product using ultrasound waves that stimulate collagen production and strengthen the skin fibers. 

Various Double Masque Layering


Vitamin C & Collagen

Collagen & Green Tea

Miracle Noir Dead Sea Mineral Masque 

Hyaluronic Hydration Masque

Chocolate Masque

Gotu Kola Deep Moisture Masque

Hand Treatment


Dead Sea Salt scrub with healing and nourishing essential oils sloughs away dead skin cells and replenishes skin with healthy oils to leave skin more smooth & youthful-looking. Hand treatment cream is deeply massaged in for stress relief, ultimate nourishment of skin, and reduction of aged or weathered appearance with no greasy or sticky residue. Hands are left feeling soft and velvety 

Waxing Services:

ocfacialstudio - orange county waxing

Eyebrow Shaping $25

Eyebrow Touch-up $20

Lip $15

Chin $10

Lip/Chin $20

Underarms $25

Men’s Chest $40

Men’s Back $30