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About Karlee Harris : 9|18 Skin & Body Studio
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Karlee Harris is a CA Licensed Esthetician Specializing in Improving the Overall Health and Appearance of Skin since 2008. 

Karlee’s own temperamental skin issues and genuine interest in both Skin & Body functions, as well as products, drove her to become a Skin Care Professional. Her Objective in her field is to Improve the Overall Health of the Skin to achieve Desired Results of Improving Tone & Texture; Decreasing Signs of Aging; Successfully Treating & Clearing Adult & Teen Acne; Eliminating Sun/Age Spots & Dark Post-Acne Scars, ultimately bringing Skin to its Proper PH Balance and Renewing Skin to its Natural Healthy Glowing State. 

Karlee’s genuine care, ongoing seeking of Knowledge and Results-Driven Attitude has led her to being a Well Known Skin Care Professional with an approximate 90% Client Retention Rate. Her Expertise is sought after from all over Orange County extending into Los Angeles & San Diego Counties, making her a Leader in her Industry and being nominated and placing in OC Hotlist two years running, 2nd & 5th place. 

What separates Karlee as one of the Best is her Knowledge & Understanding of Skin and the Human Body as well as her Natural Intuition for identifying Underlying Issues as possible culprits of Skin Problems. Being a “Product-Snob” ensures only Top of the Line Products are used, varying between High-End Dead Sea Israeli Products, Highest Grade Essential Oils and Organic & Hypo-Allergenic/Para-Pharmaceutical Lines free of Parabens & Dyes.

Karlee never uses a product that she hasn’t used and achieved desirable results with on herself first. Her vast knowledge of skin and products with the ability to cater to each client individually has encouraged business growth and continued success. 

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