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Soothe the Mind & Senses

Karlee Harris is a CA Licensed Esthetician Specializing in Improving the Overall Health and Appearance of Skin since 2008.

Karlee’s genuine care, ongoing seeking of Knowledge and Results-Driven Attitude has led her to being a Well Known Skin Care Professional with an approximate 90% Client Retention Rate. Her Expertise is sought after from all over Orange County extending into Los Angeles & San Diego Counties, making her a Leader in her Industry and being nominated and placing in OC Hotlist two years running, 2nd & 5th place.

All facial options include thorough consultation and skin analysis, including review of current product use and suggested additions to your home care & facial routine, for maximizing achievement of desired results. 

All facial treatments include skin softening, follicle opening steam, infused with calming essential oil that will relax & soothe the mind and senses.

Our Hours

Wed-Sat 10am-9pm

Located inside Phenix Salon Suites:

23600 Rockfield Blvd. 

Suite #121

Lake Forest, CA 92630

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